Find a Salon That’s Perfect for You

Finding the right salon and the right stylist for you is very important. Once you find a salon and the right stylist, you might be surprised at how much it costs to have your hair cut and styled. Knowing what it costs to maintain a salon might help you understand why the charges are what they are for a haircut and style.

Find a Salon that is Professional Every hair stylist has to go through an extensive amount of instruction and clinical experience. Then there are the rent and utilities that have to be paid as well as any licensing that is required and insurance. There are many supplies and tools required for the stylist to do his or her job. The miscellaneous expenses that a hair stylist incurs are ones that they must pay for themselves.

Education Every hair stylist has to attend and graduate from a cosmetology school with thousands of hours of instruction and subsequent clinical experience. The cost for school is something a cosmetologist may be paying back for many years. Many states have continuing education requirements that can be costly as well, but it will keep the stylist up to date on techniques and products.

Rent and Utilities A cosmetologist can either be the owner of the salon or they can rent a booth and a chair from the salon owner. For the salon to be licensable by the state where it is located, there are requirements that have to be met. A typical salon will have sinks, styling chairs, styling stations, hair dryer chairs, and storage facilities that will all have to meet the requirements. The utilities have to be covered as well, and costs will vary depending on the location.

Licensing and Insurance A cosmetology license costs money every year and a salon license is another cost on top of the cosmetology license. If there are things that happen and you have insurance to cover them, there usually is not a problem staying in business. If there is no insurance and something happens, the salon may have to shut down because the expenses to repair something that is damaged are too much for the salon owner to handle. Having insurance means peace of mind.

Tools and Supplies The basic tools of a hair stylist are their combs and their shears. Shears have a two- to five-year life depending on what type of shear it is. Clippers are also a necessary tool of the trade. Hair straightening and curling tools also add to the expenses. Supplies are the shampoos, conditioners, mousses, gels, hair sprays, towels, and hair cutting capes. There are hair coloring supplies that are a whole different set of costs.

Miscellaneous Expenses When you add the costs of advertising, marketing, beverages, decorating, and other miscellaneous costs, you get an idea what haircuts and treatments cost what they do. When you research and make an appointment at a good expert salon, you can be confident that you will be getting exactly what you pay for in hair styling excellence.

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