The Working of a Regenerative Thermal Oxidiser: Its Functioning and Features

A regenerative thermal oxidizer serves to eliminate harmful and toxic air polluting agents. These polluting agents are also technically termed as Hazardous Air Pollutants or (HAP-s). Plus these oxidizers also serve to eliminate Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC-s) and other toxic emissions.

Such an oxidizer is the most widely used device for eliminating or reducing emissions. Plus, its usage is also intended to cut down on essential operating costs while increasing industrial environmental efficiency besides increasing cost effectiveness. As usual, a regenerative thermal oxidizer works on the basic principle of breaking pollutants into carbon dioxide and water and making compounds harmless.

The precise working of regenerative thermal oxidizers:

VOC or HAP stuffed compounds are introduced into the inlet manifold of the device by a system fan. There are two kinds of valves that send this gas to recovery divisions whereby they are preheated for further decomposition into their simplest forms. These valves, in their proper sequence are:

• Flow control valves

• Poppet valves

Thereafter the gas gets further warmed up or super heated in the ceramic media beds. Then they are directed to the heated outlet bed. Herein the temperatures are higher than they were in the previous division. The poppet valves, switch the direction of the introduced air into the media beds to maximize energy into the oxidizers.

Here’s where the cost saving mechanism comes to the fore while availing the technical services provided during the usage of a regenerative thermal oxidizer!

The high energy recovery systems used within these chambers do the energy saving and hence the cost saving trick! They serve to decrease the supporting or fuel use allowing the reduction of operating costs. In fact, such oxidizers ensure maximum destruction efficiency and self sustenance, with absolutely no requirement of supporting fuels, even at extremely low concentrations.

What are some other cost reduction strategies put to use by regenerative thermal oxidisers? Other ways in which a thermal oxidizer of this variant can be put to use to achieve optimal cost efficiency for industrial usage are as follows:

• They use heat energy recovery methods at two levels, primary and secondary. Plus, they also avail high grade recirculation systems for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness, for pollution reduction in various industries.

• They also avail a plethora of oxidizer services and preventive maintenance valuations that further assist in reduction of energy requirements for processing.

And what do we as a company provide you with for using these oxidizers that we provide for you?

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