The developer of accepted war bold War Thunder

In addition,absolutely to the 75th ceremony of War Thunder Golden Eagles the conception of the Normandy-Neman air regiment,in which French pilots fought adjoin the absolutist invaders on the Soviet-German foreground and destroyed 273 adversary aircraft,the aggregation arise an amend 1.73 "Vive la France",committed to French technology.With the amend in the bold appeared 30 aircraft of the French Air Force,a allotment of which abstruse specimens,and not arise into accumulation production.

As allotment of the ceremony of the fifth ceremony of War Thunder,players can get for chargeless a altered exceptional technique,for example,the Soviet I-29 fighter and the US failing M8 armored vehicle,as able-bodied as participate in tournaments and contests with admired prizes.

The developer of accepted war bold War Thunder,Gaijin Entertainment,has appear that the aboriginal analysis for argosy activity is traveling reside and will endure until the end of the weekend.The ships to be added are all from the alpha of the eighteenth century.