There are some superior aspects to McBain

He had a top penalty-minute complete this season; third-highest on his team.Forth with three 10-minute misconducts,there were a lot of NHL 18 Coins stick infractions on his almanac in 2017-18.Accustomed the adversity he has with his skating,that may be a apropos trend.

There are some superior aspects to McBain's game,but aswell several areas that allegation to see beforehand if he is to become an able able player.Not the atomic of those is his skating,and accustomed how the NHL is transitioning to a acceleration and accomplishment game,that's a key weakness in what he has to offer.

The abhorrent abilities are enticing,and a abundant abject to beforehand from.Those will alone get bigger as he maturres.Gaining a added able stride would do wonders for his alteration adventurous and acquiesce him to be even bigger in the abhorrent zone.