Corners Sherman Earl Thomas deserves top salary

The future of security guard Earl Thomas remains a mystery.

Thomas's current contract will expire Madden 18 Coins after the 2018 season.His former teammate,cornerback Richard Sherman,believes that this safety guard deserves a maximum salary.

In an interview,Sherman said: "I think Thomas deserves his own asking price.He should get the top security level contract in the league.What the Seahawks do depends entirely on themselves."

Thomas' position in the Seahawks is undoubted,but this year's off-season big list is very turbulent.It's not entirely impossible for the two to split up.After the game with the Cowboys last season,there were reports that Thomas had found Jason Garrett,the coach of the cowboy,and encouraged him to trade himself.On the other hand,although Seattle intends to renew its contract,it is not necessarily willing to let him occupy too much salary space.