Debra Domestic offensive Liverpool our goal is to win

Manchester City midfielder Debraone praised ( ) the League Cup semi-final opponent Bristol City's performance.

Debraone and Guardiola praise the performance of Bristol City, he said: "They played very well, here is to play football, which is very good, they did not get a lot of opportunities, but on the We made a lot of trouble at halftime, we worked hard on the floor, we were triumphant, we created enough goals, and we gave opponents enough pressure in the second half. They tried to keep the 1-1 draw at the end This is a good result, even though a 2-1 score is good for them, but it's clearly better for us to get a one-goal lead. "

Debrao, who had the captain's armband in his match against Bristol, also made a big splash for Manchester City again, but said he was not thinking of the captain of the team to control the race. Debraean said: "I have been playing the same football, I do not think the captain changed my armband, everyone on the pitch has its own responsibility. We are more trust in each other during the game, I try to compete Do your best to change the game in the second half. "

After a busy Boxing Day schedule, Manchester City was finally able to usher in a relatively easy race that will have a five-day break before Liverpool beat Liverpool on Sunday. Manchester City has not won the ball at Anfield since 2003, and Debraine will fight his teammates to break the spell on the road, saying he does not make any sense for Manchester City. "We do not care about our record at Anfield and we aim to win on the road and we will try to be the best in the race, despite the strength of the opponent," said Debraine. "Now we have 5 The rest of the day, that's good, and we're going to play Newcastle a week after five days, which will allow players to recover. "