Heat Raptors pitch into a protagonist conflict

The NBA regular season fierce (www.lolga.com) battle 4 games, Miami Heat by virtue of the last 3.1 seconds of Ellington's lore to 90-89 defeat the Toronto Raptors, the Raptors ended the 5-game winning streak.

Both sides played the game extremely intense, physical confrontation, it is inevitable that unpleasant. When the game went to the third quarter, Ibaka in the offensive and Miami defensive player Johnson entangled together, after several fierce collision, the two hands directly conflict. The final two were deported by the referee.

Just after the end of the game, Dragic went to DeRozan do not know what to say quietly, DeRozanden shame, the two from the bucket into hands, thanks to the Heat coach Spalstra and Germany Lozan's teammate Miles ran quickly to separate the two, which avoided further aggravating the conflict.