The Jazz on the added duke accept struggled to consistently

Both the Spurs and Jazz accept faced injuries to ( key players this season, but the after-effects accept led them in altered directions. The Spurs abide to be the ultimate mark of bendability in the NBA. They've connected on with their acceptable means admitting missing Kawhi Leonard for the majority of the season.

The Jazz on the added duke accept struggled to consistently win. They're streaky and afterwards Rudy Gobert it's been difficult for them to amount out the issues that affliction them. It aswell doesn't advice that they're in the average of what is acceptable they're toughest amplitude of the division so far.

Kawhi Leonard's long-awaited acknowledgment to the Spurs' calendar did not go as planned on Wednesday night. Leonard had 13 credibility and six rebounds in 16 minutes, but the Spurs fell in hasty appearance to the last-place Dallas Mavericks, 95-89.

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