George Carl I will be Popovich as the best coach in history

Earlier Spurs coach Gregg Popovich's coaching career reached 1176 games, more than George Karl exclusive NBA history coach ( number of wins field 5.

"One thing I like about him is that he is constantly improving in his coaching career. He used to be a slow-down and defensive coach, and he likes to slow down and get into their career with David Robinson and Tim Duncan The Spurs became Tony Parker's team and then Manu Ginobili's team, and now the Spurs became Kho Lai Leonard's team, he will be based on I think he probably knows the NBA better than most, and most people know when to criticize and encourage players, "Karl said.

Karl went on to say: "And he's very aggressive at doing that, but his relationship with the team is still very tight and I really envy him. If I had to pick the best coaches in history, I think I'm going to pick Bobo instead of other very good coaches like Auerbach. "

The top 4 are Don - Nelson (1335), Lanny Wilkens (1332), Jerry Sloan (1221) and Pat Riley (1210).