Injury disorder Christmas drama

Another Christmas year, the NBA routinely arranged the day of five games.

According to ( the expectations of NBA executives, 5 games will focus on the most ups and downs of the NBA at this stage entanglement of grievances, the most eye-catching star alignment, they idealized that the Christmas war, will set off the first quarter since the opening Orgasm, "Christmas is something fans want to see, and there's no shortage of great storylines here."

But at least this season, Xiao Hua and his team somewhat miscalculated. As the season progressed to the present, many things have gone well beyond their expectations. For the third year in a row, Warriors and Knights met at Christmas, a game that could have been predictable without brainstorming. Over the past three years, the two teams swept the East-West champion, they met three times in a row in the finals, the Warriors 2 crown to suppress Knight 1 crown. For the past years, the season has not yet started, they have set each other as the biggest imaginary enemy. And last year's Christmas wars, the planet Mars hit the turmoil showdown, Owen face the soup God, difficult to reverse the lore of the body, but also people remember.