Real Madrid 5 sins: Zinedine Zidane change failed

Real Madrid home defeat to ( Barcelona 3-0, winning hope almost became a bubble. Real Madrid problem? Aspen reported five crimes.

1.Zinedine Zidane change

Zidane won Ischia, so Kovacecchio posted the first post against Messi. The result did not prevent defending Lionel Messi Messi, Isco's absence and let Real Madrid in the frontcourt creativity and attack dropped significantly.

2.The second half of the physical collapse

In the first half, Real Madrid forced by Barcelona to make it difficult for smooth operation. But in the second half, Real Madrid is completely passive beaten. Physical collapse, making Real Madrid have to exchange roles with Barcelona, ​​which directly from the Club World Cup to Real bring physical loss.

3. Benze horse pot

In only 16 league games scored 2 goals, Benzema's data is too miserable. Benzema header in the column, Real Madrid is the most threatening shot. Unfortunately, this is the only time Benzema shot. In Booz's boos, Benzema was replaced earlier.

4.Defensive weakness

Navas's performance has enough guards, and he saved Paulini two goals. However, the overall defense of Real Madrid is still confusing, Cassemi more often lose the defensive position, the two side guards retreated after the defense is not timely, Ramos patronized how the punches.

5. C Luo finished defeat Messi

In the direct dialogue of the world's first person, C Luo completely lost to Messi. C Luo kicked after the opening goal must be one of the key factors determine the trend of the game. Facts once again prove that C Lo is just a scoring machine, while Messi is one of the most comprehensive and greatest in the history of football.