Rossi stay healthy

According to the Italian media Football-Italia, Pastorillo, an agent at Giuseppe Rossi, said his clients could recover ( in Genoa and return to the Italian national team.

"Glad to see him return to Italy," Pastorello said. "He is now no different from Serie A in the first show, he has never lacked the skills, awareness, and his talent still exists."

Pastorello said: "He has had five unfortunate injuries, but he is only 30 years old this year and is still a mature age at which he can score. For soccer age, Rossi is only 25-26 years old and he Unfortunately, I have to thank Mr. Prezio for bringing him back to Italy because of injuries and injuries that have not played much in these years. "

"If Rossi stays healthy," Pastorello concluded: "It was a good thing for both Genoa and the Italian national team."