Five ideas to enjoy the outdoor life in the city

to work, from work to home, and only in the car. We will enjoy more the streets, squares, parks and other outdoor spaces of cities! The trend to resume public spaces in the open here to stay and, like European and American cities where open areas are filled with people doing the various activities, the main cities of Brazil are rolling several squatters of public space . To help you also enjoy these spaces, we will take five days of activity suggestions the day you can do outdoors, white timberland for men,accompanied by suggestions of ideal looks for each, with light and comfortable products of our summer collection. Come ? Walk the dog Having a dog (or a cãozão) estimation is all good! But they also love the outdoor life and need to walk every day, and this is the main "excuse" to give you that around the block or visit the square closer to home. Enjoy these moments to enjoy the life that goes on around the streets, womens timberland boots,
and you can know places, people and situations that go through, why not, can change your life! And the next time you take your companion for a walk how about giving a stretched on the sidewalk, enjoying the warmth and daylight saving time? For this, a well stripped clothes and comfortable, but with style, is what you need! The skateboard and skates have been fashion and built their own subcultures with their own style, and are now more widespread than ever and can also be an alternative transport, as well as an incredible way to see the city from another perspective. official timberland boots,There are so many practitioners that the City of São Paulo recently released skateboards, skates and scooters of trafegarem on city bike paths. Clothes that give freedom of movement and sturdy footwear are essential to skate and a cap complete the style. In large cities around the world such as New York, London and Amsterdam it is common to see workers eating a quick snack or even something more elaborate at lunch time in the squares, parks and other public areas of the city. And the habit is coming here, where tradition is to make a more formal meal at lunch but the "takeout"timberland roll top boots wheat, and lunch boxes have always been part of the routine. How about taking your warm to eat in the square near the work instead of playing the little office Cup space or eat on the desktop (which is an unhealthy habit)? You will be with clothes of work, which should be more "social" but in the summer calls for lighter fabrics and light colors