A nuclear FIFA Coins decay accumulator

A nuclear FIFA Coins decay accumulator adeptness abysmal in the basement beneath Finland is the answerable of a feature-length documentary declared Into Eternity. Around the world, nuclear adeptness plants are churning out high-level radioactive decay at a bulk of knots. It's estimated that about 250,000 tonnes of the absolute is currently in acting storage, abysmal in huge tanks of baptize in accessories that accrue it safe -- temporarily. But there's absolute little acceding on what to do with the accepting long-term, as it will abide a crisis for about 100,000 years -- about as affiliated as bodies acquire existed, and far best than we've been appliance tools. There acquire been a few proposals, including the achievability of loading it into a rocket and cutting it into the Sun, or biconcave it to the basal of the sea. But the a lot of acceptable seems to be accumulator in abysmal geological repositories. There are 10 or so of these repositories apathetic into the basement about the world, in the USA, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, France, Canada, Belgium and Finland. Finnish law dictates that all nuclear decay produced in the country acquire to be disposed of in the country too, so the government is amalgam a adeptness declared Onkalo, amid abreast the Olkiluoto nuclear adeptness plant.