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Normally arrangement audiences are a accumulated sea of grey, blackand navy. If they accord with business and entrepreneurship theyalso tend to be, let's face it, sausagefests. I cannot anticipate of asingle arrangement that I admission abounding over the endure 12 months thatwasn't comprised of at diminutive 70 percent men. That's by no bureau a bad activity -- but at the end of June I satshoulder to accept at a arrangement with hundreds of women inMunich's arty Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. The sausage allocation waslimited to a abashed 5 percent. The consistent kaleidoscope ofclothes was striking, decidedly if a video beck of theaudience was relayed aback to us on a huge awning on stage. This wasno accustomed event, this is DLD Women -- a arrangement centred about accession andleadership -- and the accumulation meant business. The apostle bureau was accommodation and, on the whole, excellent,with governors, entrepreneurs, c-suite admiral at multi-nationalcompanies, artists, academics and alms workers represented. Irene Natividad was a appalling opener, abatement up some ofthe oft-cited facts about women in business: of the 192 presidentsand prime ministers of the world, just 19 are women; just 12companies in the Fortune 500 admission changeable CEOs, and women aftermath 50percent of the world's aliment on acreage that just 1 percent of themown. "Women admission consistently worked, but now we get paid for it," shenoted Buy Cheap FIFA 17 Coins, No.1 FIFA 17 Points Store - XFIFA.COM.