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It could pass off as a plot for a bad movie, netizens have said about allegations of a plan to have former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo killed. Aside from possibly being a JK Rowling or Stephenie Meyer w Buy Cheap Replica Burberry Watches annabes next work of fiction, Oplan Put the Little Girl to Sleep can be a hit at the box office, and maybe beat Orphan in creepathons about little girls. [Arroyo in] Put the Little Girl to Sleep if turned into a movie could be creepier than Esther of Orphan, said Professional Heckler on Twitter. This was seconded by photographer Aaron Cayabyab, who called the Oplan name a good working title for a horror movie in the 2011 Manila Film Festival. BJMoTwisteriray said the purported assassination plans name is fit for an abortion-themed film. Still others thought it was for a Korean film, a comedy such as Probl Burberry Replica Watches em Child, or a silver-screen adaptation of childrens tale Sleeping Beauty. Alan C. Robles meanwhile said Put the Little Girl To Sleep was the boring sequel to the box office dud Put the Little Girl in the Big Airplane, referring to Arroyos attempts to travel abroad. Comedians have not let the issue past them, with Pac Mom of OfacialDionisia saying the plans name should have the word Ugly in it to make sure that the target is Arroyo, and not other celebrities such as singer Charice Pempengco, comedienne Mahal and actress Nora Aunor. Loony spokesperson As a result of the controversial death plot revelation, Arroyo spokesperson Elena Bautista-Horn has received more than her share of Internet flak. Musician Jim Paredes, for instance, said How can the Little Girl sleep when Horn is so noisy! Other netizens on Twitter have resorted to bashing her sanity and credibility, and have also called the death threat revelation a desperate act to sway public opinion. As of posting time, there have been little to almost no social networking posts in defense of Horn or Arroyo. Hot topic Despite the lack of proof about the plots existence, Oplan Put the Little Girl to Sleep has remained a popular topic online, having recently trended on Twitter, and generated commentary on Facebook. Discussions between individual users have continued on social networking sites, but Facebook pages about the issue have not caught on. Put the Little Girl to sleep only had six likes as of press time, while Operation Put-the-Little-Girl-to-Sleep had seven. While Horn insists that the plot is real, the Palace has laughed it off as a public relations ploy.