Benefits from Choosing Tungsten Wedding Rings

Shopping for wedding rings is something taken seriously by the bride and groom. Tungsten has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. Tungsten is combined with carbide in the jewelry making process. This is what makes it one of the strongest metals available today. Tungsten carbide is approximately ten times stronger than gold. It is also notably stronger than titanium. Here are some other advantages of choosing tungsten wedding rings over some of the other types of metals.

Many types of metals are not scratch resistant. If you have jewelry made from gold, stainless steel or sterling silver you will notice these metals have a tendency to get scratches. These scratches have a negative impact on the appearance of your jewelry. A jeweler can buff these out and give the rings a thorough cleaning. They will look beautiful until the are bumped up against something or scratches appear again. The tungsten wedding bands are scratch resistant.

Some types of metals will tarnish. This is true especially with some of the lower cost pieces of jewelry. Normal wear will often leave your finger looking discolored. The metal will also begin to get dull. Some metals can be cleaned often which can keep this from happening. Sterling silver is a beautiful metal when clean but will tarnish with time. With tungsten from cheap mens tungsten wedding bands you will not have to worry about this problem.

Another advantage is the fact that any jewelry store you shop in will be familiar with tungsten. They will likely carry several styles of these rings. All you have to do when going in is say "I am looking for tungsten wedding bands for my fiance," and the salesperson will be able to provide you with information and show you the rings they have available that is made from tungsten carbide.

When shopping for wedding bands you may notice that some of them do not fit comfortably. The straight edges often cut into your finger in and cause discomfort. The tungsten rings are produced with a dome shape which adds to the comfort feature. This also means they may run a little large in size. You may discover that you will need about a half size smaller in tungsten than you would a gold or silver ring.

As you can see, there are many advantages to choosing Tungsten wedding rings over other types of metal. They are beautiful and durable. The tungsten jewelry line continues to grow and present many new styles. Many jewelers will offer lifetime sizing on wedding bands when you purchase from them. Another great advantage when you choose tungsten wedding rings. More information can be found online.