Benefits of Modular Homes

Modular homes from pictures of houses for sale are unique because they are built in factories � the building process reduces the likelihood of weather-related delays in construction. Building supplies are stored on-site, eliminating the usage of wet, moldy materials�which keeps buyers safer. Here you will learn the benefits of buying a modular home.

Modular Houses Offer Design Flexibility

The construction of a modular home from modular homes builder gives buyers hundreds of design options, and your modular homes builder will work with you to find the design that best suits your needs. Local builders consider state laws during the building process, but otherwise you have great options. You can choose the windows, siding, carpet, countertops and plumbing fixtures.

Modular Construction is Faster

A modular home is built in one-third the time needed to build a home on-site, and with planning you can be in your new home within a few weeks. Because site work and construction happen at the same time, overall construction time is reduced. The workers who assemble modular homes have years of industry experience, and work goes on year-round.

Quality Construction

Because these homes are built in a factory, builders are able to use tools that the average site builder can�t access. Modular home builders have jigs that ensure the uniformity of all floors, walls and ceilings, and interior walls are secured to exterior walls. All outlets are insulated, and the walls have extra bracing.

Inspection and Regulations on Modular Homes

Before work is started, building plans must be approved in every state where the homes will be sold. The homes must be built in line with local codes in the destination province, and manufacturers work with state-licensed inspection firms. All homes, once finished, are affixed with labels certifying that the module has been manufactured in accordance with an approved plan.

Building Codes

Modular home builders must follow the same codes that site builders use. As stated above, an independent inspection agency must certify that the home builder followed an approved plan,and that the home itself complies with local codes.

Energy Efficiency

Construction and engineering advances have increased the energy efficiency of modular homes, and they can be comfortable and economical to own no matter where you live. The walls of modular homes are well-insulated, and there�s a lower level of air infiltration (which causes heat loss). With all of the above advantages, it's easy to see why modular homes are so popular with Australians.