Getting a Good Look at Manatees in the Fort Myers Area

If Florida is identified with any particular mammals, they must be of the sort that live underwater. Dolphins, of course, are practically iconic of the state, with its most successful football team even being named after them. While dolphins charm with their intelligence and playfulness, though, another kind of water-dwelling mammal is even more fascinating for very different reasons.

Slow and typically so swollen with fat that they often look obese, manatees are some of the most interesting creatures to be found anywhere. For many years, their numbers in the state were declining, largely because they so often ended up victimized by boat propellers as they drifted about just below the surface.

That has started to change, though, with a full reversal of these losses now underway. Part of the reason for this has been the spread of places like the Manatee Park in Fort Myers, an attraction where the gentle, meditative creatures can enjoy life at the pace that best suits them.

That also gives visitors to the state a chance to experience what these large but graceful animals are like up close. Among readers of the MustDo things to do near fort myers at Fort Myers Visitor Guides, for example, a trip to that manatee preserve or another one like it often proves to be one of the most appealing things of all to do in the area.

Of course, there is only so much time even the most avid lover of nature can spend staring at a manatee. Fortunately, Fort Myers Visitor Guides have plenty of other things to suggest. That means that even those for whom a manatee sighting is the highlight of a trip typically find plenty of similarly of equally exciting things to check out.

That might mean days spent on the Beaches, attractions that the area is so famous for, for example. Blessed with some of the best sand to be found on Florida's incredibly generous collection of coastline, the area is one of the best of all for spending time in the sun and next to the water.

Getting out on that water, too, is frequently a rewarding thing for tourists to do. Many find, for example, that an afternoon spent para-sailing or riding about on jet skis makes a great way of introducing some renewed excitement. Add experiences like that to the unforgettable one of seeing a manatee at very close quarters, and it is no wonder that so many people consider Fort Myers such a great vacation destination.