Rising From Jail Is Often Expensive

People who end up in jail have to rely on family and friends to make bail. It can be a very scary situation. Hopefully, they are arrested for a crime that has a pre-set bond. Judges in each jurisdiction set a general bail schedule for misdemeanors and less serious offenses. People arrested for a serious felony have to request a bond hearing. Usually, an attorney files a petition to set bond and the court sets a date for the hearing. Often, it takes a week or more to get a bail hearing. Likewise, inmates who cannot pay the pre-set bond must file for a hearing. They must ask the judge to lower the bond.

It should not be difficult for suspects to make bail hotline. Federal and state laws mandate that the bail system not be used for punishment. Indeed, the main purpose of bail bonds is to make sure the suspect appears in court. The law does allow judges to put conditions on bail bonds new britain. For example, an individual arrested in a domestic dispute may be told not to go near the other party involved. This is an example of a bond condition. If the suspect violates the condition, the bond is revoked and it will be hard to get another.

Some people are fortunate enough to be released without posting bail. The judge has the right to set an O.R. bond. This means being released on one's own recognizance. The suspect simply signs a document promising they will return to court. Suspects released on O.R. bonds are accused of minor crimes and are deemed not to be a flight risk. It is recommended that people get a referral for a bail bondsman. Individuals need a person they can trust and is well respected in the community.

Usually, a new britain bail bond can be paid in one of several ways. The bondsman accepts cash for the full bail amount. However, most people pay a bond which is a certain percentage of the bail amount. Bonds typically were 10 percent of the bail but that figure varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some people may fail to realize that by posting 10 percent, they are paying the bondsman that amount to get their loved one out of jail. They will not get the money back. On the other hand, property can be used to post a bond. The property has to be approved and must have sufficient equity to cover the bond amount. People who are not able to post bond may lose their job and certainly cannot take care of their families.