Suggestions For 5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Men And Women

Historically, the celebration of wedding anniversaries date back to the Roman Empire. Gifts were given for the 20th-year anniversary and 50th-year anniversary. Fast forward to the 20th century where commercialism rules and more anniversaries were added with each year being represented by a specific gift type. These are further categorized into traditional and modern gifts and are recognized in five-year increments starting with the first year. Then in 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association (now known as Jewelers of America), compiled yet a new list suggesting guidelines for gifts. This list recommends gifts for every year up to the 20th year, after which gifts are recognized in five-year increments.

Whether it is the 1st year, 5th year or 20th-year anniversary it is an achievement deserving of recognition. Traditional 1st-year gifts are paper, 5th-year gifts are wood, and 20th-year gifts are china. Fortunately, for the 5th wedding anniversary gift the ideas are almost limitless given that it is made of wood. Wood is so versatile with many possibilities that it can be easily tailored to suit any recipient's tastes.

Armed with the knowledge of your spouse's likes and dislikes, choosing the appropriate 5th year wedding anniversary gifts should be an enjoyable experience. There is an amazing selection of personalised wooden gifts available on-line. Some of the sites offer everyday gift ideas produced like an assembly line. Take the extra time to find a source where the gifts are hand-crafted and designed in-house. Gifts that are hand-made are almost always done so with great attention to detail and with pride. This ensures a gift for your spouse as unique and individual as they are.

Some ideas for personalised wooden wedding gifts include photo holders such as picture cubes and frames. Kitchen oriented items such as chopping blocks and boards, cheese boards, bread boards and boxes. Lazy susans, servings bowls, and salt and pepper bowls and holders are appreciated gifts for the chef in the household. The chopping boards, in particular, are crafted from genuine American Amish Hardwood and can be personalised with a private message on its underside. These works of art are almost to beautiful to use.

Wedding gifts may also be home decor items that are proudly displayed on the fireplace mantel or living room wall. Good choices include creative and bespoke personalised wall plaques. Plaques are typically crafted from English Oak, finished by hand and include the sentiment of your choice deeply engraved on it. Other unique wedding anniversary gifts gaining in popularity are wooden bonsai plants or a wooden vase filled with five red roses marking a fifth-year anniversary.

Wedding gifts need not be confined to indoors. Many outdoor options are available as well including a wooden garden bench complete with the couple's name and wedding date engraved. Perhaps a swing is more your beloved one's style. The swings are built to last with their 45 mm thick seat and 20 mm thick synthetic hemp rope. The recipient may never leave the garden!