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The world we live in would become a bad place if there were no drugs. Regrettably, there is no living creature, capable of tolerating countless diseases existing. Did you know during Middle Ages average life expectancy was about Forty years? Looking back in times when regular flue was regarded as a deadly illness, you start acknowledging the many advantages of living in the Twenty-first Century. We are no longer frightened of measles, rubella, typhoid, t . b and mange. We're lucky to have access to extraordinary drugs, health formulations, which were carefully created by greatest minds of the world - is not this fantastic? You don't need to go searching for professional medical articles on the internet, just remember the name of the penicillin’s parent - Alexander Fleming. Studying the amazing medicinal properties of mold, this talented British microbiologist managed to obtain the healing substance we utilize to the present day. Let’s pay tribute to all, who devoted their lives to the relentless fight for human wellbeing. Today’s medicine is characterized by hundreds of medicines and approaches, but one rule remains the same - healthcare employees need to pass the compounding sterile preparations testing that evaluates aseptic manipulation skills and includes representative sterile microbial culture medium transfer and fill challenges. 797 sterile compounding test is a serious challenge which requires precision and accuracy. Just like any test, media fill test kit is a serious challenge for young pharmacists, willing to grow their skills. Working on high risk compounded sterile products’ preparation is an extremely responsible task. Eye drops and ointments, solutions for injections should be prepared under sterile conditions to prevent contact with pathogenic microorganisms, which could become a source of infection. We are very happy to familiarise you with revised usp 797 requirements as well as offer you 3 single use media fill test kits: the high-risk, the medium-risk and the low-risk media testing kit. Risk levels depend on the chance of introducing sources of contamination to the preparations from microbial, chemical or physical contamination during compounding activities, or in the case of high-risk compounding that the product would remain contaminated. image Media fill test is mandatory for all staff members involved in high risk CSP preparation and should be executed without interruptions, mimicking the standard work environment to increase the effectiveness. Follow the web link to enter the online store of Intravenous Quality Assurance and find extra info on usp 797 More details about media fill test kit go to our site: click for more