Watch winders general difficulties and reasons for failure

Watch winders are divided into two kinds of handbook winding and automated winding. Winding mechanical watches dial needle operating considerably more normally, so vulnerable to failure in this spot, but some troubles are man-made, that may be to mention, the watch the moment a fault, a nasty disposition, which is exacerbating the trouble.

1, watches the crown is pulled out, it happens to be much more commonplace fault, this is certainly also the composition is a lot more sophisticated and complicated watches, portion dimension is extremely compact, the mechanical strength of the weak.

2, once winding, Wholesale Rolex Watches watch the automated back again, the condition is frequently incredibly hefty or particularly weighty non-return spring failure.

3, there idling, "Kaka" seem when you can find no winding, this can be resulting from the scale with the drum screw loose.

4, wound occurs when peculiar sound card and will not be wound, generally lying stand use prompted by helical wheel or wheels in addition to a smallish drum stand involving the backlash is too considerable.

5, the watch cannot dial needle winding fault, need to even one. Below common use, this phenomenon isn't going to look common, but sometimes while in the assembly within the watch when the crown is unintentionally pulled out or has become pushed back again when, really probable to develop.