four Holistic Ways of Treating ADHD

We continually hear about the rise in adhd diagnoses, but what is adhd? And is there a way to treat it holistically, meaning with more than medication? In a nutshell, when a child has adhd, he can grow bored very easily, be more hyperactive than is normal for his age, and prone to impulsivity; there is no known cause of adhd though current studies hope to find a genetic link. As with many diagnoses, adhd can be helped with medication, but other methods of treatment can affect the whole rather than simply covering the symptoms. With these four suggestions for holistic treatment, you and your child can create an environment and lifestyle that can help you both manage the effects of adhd.

Work with routines

As an natural adhd remedies, a routine is going to be one of you most important steps. Whether you plan the morning, the evening or the whole day, institute something that will be the same from day to day. By offering some regularity, you will balance your child�s tendency to do the opposite. There are going to be times that you cannot keep things normal, but if you can create some form of daily normalcy, your child will thrive; some ideas are setting times for homework, getting ready for bed, and time to wake up.

Diet and medicine adjustments

Several studies have been unable to link food to adhd, but this does not mean that those who have had success in diet changes are wrong about its effects. As alternative adhd treatment, you can make sure that your child is eating healthily and does not intake high levels of refined foods and chemical additives. In addition to diet, you may want to talk to your physician about the dose of medication your child is taking; there may be a different dose that is effective without making your child lethargic. A natural supplement may also be available.

Less technology

Technology plays a huge role in a child�s activities, but this also exposes them to electromagnetic radiation in scary levels. Especially when your child is sensitive (like those with adhd), such exposure is harmful to his nervous system. Some side effects of this include memory and attention problems, distorted vision, headaches and sleep disturbances.

Cooperative measures

It is easy to simply implement a change and go from there, but to have the greatest results, include your child in it all. Whatever changes you plan to make in the adhd treatment, tell your child and include him in the decisions as often as possible. Especially with those children who have a diagnosis, it is important to make them feel that they have some say in whatever is going to happen to or around them; this makes them feel included, respected, and loved.

Treating your child�s adhd can be effective in more ways than simply suppressing the symptoms. Your child�s entire existence can be adjusted to make his life better. If you have questions about the different alternative treatments, consult your physician.