Dark Days Behind It , Ford Transforms and Succeeds

After years of uncertainty, Ford is back on top. One of the most iconically American automakers of all, the company hit a rough patch domestically throughout the 1980s and 1990s. At the same time, Ford was building new markets overseas, winning over consumers in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

With the return to form of the American division, then, Ford is once again a force to be contended with. One lincoln dealers now reports record levels of business, selling even more of the company's muscular Mustang and practical Taurus than its always-popular pickup trucks.

That ford dealer in Baltimore is just as optimistic about the company's future, as are many other insiders. The kind of casual look at Ford's financial situation that is available for every public company gives good reason to agree with this assessment, and those with additional information seem to be even more confident.

Part of the reason for this positive take on the future fortunes of a once-desperate company has to do with a management team that is willing to do what it takes to remain competitive. Ford was not always endowed with such leadership, as the lessons of twenty and thirty years ago aptly show. Today, however, Ford leaders recognize that the global auto marketplace does not allow for the kind of complacency that dragged the company down through those years, and the change is visible throughout the its product lines.

The aforementioned Mustang, for example, is a far more capable and well-rounded vehicle than its ancestors of decades past. While still preserving and delivering much of the magic that made the Mustang a phenomenon in the 1960s, the modern machine also incorporates the kind of engineering wisdom that is more commonly associated with contemporary sports cars of Asian make.

Buyers have taken notice. The Mustang is now more popular than ever, with buyers lining up to take whatever the nearest dealer has available. At the same time, a well-designed custom order program ensures that those who are pickier will be able to get what they want without undue delay, as visitors who make the effort to see more at Ford dealer in the Baltimore area will come to understand.

The modern Ford, then, is a flexible, capable company, far from the lumbering behemoth that flirted with disaster not so long ago. It seems desinted to remain that way for the foreseeable future, too, producing the kinds of vehicles that owners can rightly love and employees can truly be proud of.