How to deal with the problem of JIOSE watches into the mist

JIOSE, well-known watch brands, JIOSE from Europe, after a lot of people bought watches not care, some routine maintenance items will be ignored, and some people like to wear watches, hand washing clothes, if JIOSE watch water mist into how to deal with?

1, you can watch the auto glass representation JIOSE back to the inside, outward and watch the bottom covering, anti watch worn on the arm is also close to two hours or so sauna can eliminate hand.

2, JIOSE quartz watches into the water, you can directly use gauze draped waste calcium supplements chloride or silica gel; then took the motorcycle handle exemplar, the calcium supplements chloride draped with gauze and put in a sealed plastic electronic watches bag and box. After waiting for a long time to remove the watch, you can see the water watery vapor electronic watches is gone. If you watch the water can be placed on the more serious day.

3, JIOSE mechanical water to be treated as soon as possible, it ought to be cleaned movement. If not promptly treated, the water can Breguet Watches not evaporate on the watch movement will be affected, and over time will oxidize internal movement, it is easy to rust, for the movement caused irreparable damage. Recommended cleaning and maintenance of the watch movement and re-oiling.

4, available moisture intake layers of bathroom paper or watch flannel bag securely and placed near the 40-watt light (approximately 5 cm) cooking approximately an hour, Figure 2 shows the common lamp, the light Pictured bar-b-q. Water watery vapor inside the watch becomes dismissed.