How you can deal together with the watches crown and stem failure

Watch the crown and stem failure the right way to do? If the watch head and shank deal with overflow buckle, watch the head and shank manage overflow buckle relative rotation, and when that comes about it's a must to watch the very first unscrew the take care of shaft, then hand tweezers clamping (card in the cylindrical head screw shank) to reduce the thread diameter and pitch. Retighten the take care of shaft to manage the top and shank are certainly not tightened, the tackle head and shank may not be tightened, you will find there's way of rotation for the crown can dial Jacques Lemans Watches needle inside of the other way can not dial needles. When you switch the great head, the crown will loosen the deal with shaft till the car fell considerably only the most recent head assembly to tighten the deal with. Drop handle take care of head assembly head assembly equipment drop from the watches, mainly watches pull block nail file and pull the take care of shaft axial groove shallow dish with height caused. Creates greatly engaging shallow would be the adhering to:

(1) the principle plywood bearing arbor hole thanks to dress in because of the gap is too sizeable, the equal belonging to the watch stem axis change, so pull the nail file nail file and pull the deal with shaft engaging groove much too shallow, it truly is straightforward to pull out when the knob. It might not make the system operate miscellaneous merchandise (eg striker, fairly quickly alter the calendar, weekly calendar).

(2) Pull equipment shaft (or pull the gear screw) supported platforms uneven pull information, so pull information tilt, watches pull nail file nail file and pull the handle shaft groove is simply too shallow and disengaged Nie station.

(3) Pull equipment shaft (or pull data files screw) major plate aperture and requested to satisfy the hole is just too large. When the knob, creating the watch care nail file nail file and pull the stem through the shallow groove engaging exploration disengaged.

(4) watches shank nails pull gear slot wall harm. Especially immediately following a number of Boucheron Watches the arbor with, usually without having quenching and tempering, power, hardness is not really ample. When the knob very restricted (elastic significant hook or not enough oil), the pull-pull block nail file nail harm groove wall prolapse.