Don't forget - restore watches are bad!

"Watch is not worn, are to repair negative!" In truth, the client sent watches rows mainly almost nothing big troubles, washable, refueling, servicing wholesale watches is significantly to complete. However, improper repairs may well let your adore watches "not sick repair on the sick."

Initial, the disassembly:
one, disassemble second hand accidentally, second shaft fracture;
2, the instrument utilized improperly, dial scratch;
three, watches disk feet improper disassembly, broken;
4, demolition put plywood improper force, swim lengthy strands deformation;
5, demolition escapement forgot "to place powerful" front fork, fork tile damage, or fall off;
six, accidentally demolished shock absorber, shock spring break;
7, co-wheel accidentally open bar, bar axis Danfei;
8, improper operation or device will not be fantastic, some parts easily lost: this kind of care drilling, shockproof bowl, shock springs, clutch lever, clutch springs, and so forth.;
9, the operator operates the low level easy to develop: open the back cover back cover scratches, scratches plywood, axles broken, scratches as well as other screws.

2nd, cleaning:
one, the wash don't wash, need to not wash wash;
Some operators lazy, will not care drilling demolition, earthquake is not removed, cleaning isn't complete.
Some winding watches are self-lubricating, will not wash refueling operator tend not to know, immersed while in the gasoline tank cleansing, distressed ah!
Some Wholesale Rolex Watches Clockwork together with additional special lubricant (black), the operator mistaken for oil, to clean up!
2, working rough;
watches rows want to use oil paints converted right into a clean brush, but some also use this brush plywood mirror cleansing, so the extent of injury splint wonderful. Some willow sign debris left inside the motion, remain hidden.
3, drying time control
Most watches row having a high-power light bulbs manufactured oven to dry right after cleaning the watches core, the drying time is artificially controlled.Persons frequently drying time is as well prolonged, the parts discoloration, tempering, that's very harm the movement.

Third, repair and assembly
A repair
Most repairman business referred to as "split the oil masters", meaning only washable refueling. If there have been complications within the watches to him restore, with predicwatches final results!
2, the assembly
Members of the assembly regarding repairs a lot easier than elimination.
Screw the same watches only be lengthy or brief, Rolex Datejust Ladies there exists a compact rough, thick upper thin. Tighten screw plywood harm is greater than wrong, but additionally some sudden failure occurs. Some repairman wrong fork plywood screwed screws, screw stability wheel small head and grazing, so that the stability wheel motion blocked, this watches is usually to go undesirable.