Do you know the classification associated with Hair Extensions?

Classification Hair Extensions, Hair Extensions tend to be light production markets happen to be mane products and services, hair products business carve: Process clockwork, men's toupee, women's Hair Extensions, mannequin heads, synthetic hair, etc., from selected supplies of Locks Extension cables: human hair, synthetic, human hair doped dietary fiber.

1, Press materials in to chemical dietary fiber and even our mane. Chemical dietary fiber yarn Locks Extension cables is made of faithfulness lousy, after wearing itchiness feeling, easy to respond with the scalp. But cheap, stereotypes and lasting impact; human being Hair Extensions are made because of true person frizzy hair decision practice is made, and its high fidelity, easy to tie, can Bureau, dye, perm, easy to change locks, higher prices, qualitative results are not good.

2, according to the area of: Hair Extensions as well as Hair Extensions chunk. The whole band Locks Extensions Locks Extension cables venture, easy to wear, firm, addressing a large area for a broad issue. Locks Extensions item can be crafted according to the numerous preferences for completely different patterns, different sizes Locks Extensions item, arbitrary strong, high fidelity, good air permeability.

3, according to the manufacturing method of weaving hair extensions and even frizzy hair personally lure. Woven hair is actually made out of the machine. General mass manufacturing,Body Wave Brazilian Hair low prices, but the truth is not perfect, more sedate, poor ventilation easily obstructed hair follicles, easy to tie. Crochet hook locks is hand crafted, high fidelity, good ventilation, wear comfortable, but the price is actually relatively higher.

4 factors from the process: Semi mechanism Locks Extensions, full lace Locks Extensions, Jewish Hair Extensions, front lace Locks Extensions, hair pieces, lace Hair Extensions.

5 on purpose: doll hair, anime Hair Extensions, festival Hair Extensions, ladies Hair Extensions, men's Hair Extensions.