3-point tips to choose Children’s Summer Clothing

Innocent summer ,always accompanied by brilliant sunshine ,innocent words and innocent smile,and of course dresses. June is the summer fresh gorgeous interpretation,is light and spacious appropriate boast .SMA-STAR Children’s clothing,portrait of small boutique partners to build hundreds of models to meet the needs of children of different age.In the meanwhile ,when purchasing summer clothing,parents should note the following tips:
1.Fabric choice : should use soft fabric,cotton clothing sweat is good,but comfortable,good for children’s physical and mental health,followed by hemp,silk,wool and other natural materials are also a good choice.Some acrylic ,polyester fabric fabric is tight ,do not sweat easily and children will get rash after wearing.
2.Style choice :Refined and delicate style of dress is more appropriate to children wear habits.Choose as wide waist dress style,not only can play relaxed ,cool dip,but also to cover children very belly,no waist shape illnesses Unfortunate mistake.Tight clothing can affect the healthy development of children.
3.Color choice:Elegant dress should be selected not only be clean induction contaminated ,but bring fresh to the heat of summer.Of course ,it is possible to comply with the child’s skin to make the selection.For darker skin tones,children should adopt clothing color selection of high purity /high honor degree,both shrewd and energy.Color bright child,then choose pink,yellow,white ,looked lively and bright.
SMA-STAR Summer recommend: Either boys or girls ,simple T-shirt /Vest +loose trousers,summer mix is pretty essential,whether it is indoors or outdoors,such clothing is plain .The clothing is feasible clothing establishment,freedom of activities beneficial to child,the age differences slightly to meet with children dressed request.
Chinese children’s wear market ,brand and quality of the contest competition?
China is the world’s most populous country,basic necessities consumption is very high ,which allow many foreign brands to find business opportunities ,they all want to find their own place in China.There is no deny that Chinese people recognize the brand,the brand is extremely demanding,especially for children’s clothing.Now each family have only one baby,they won’t be mean to their child’s spend.They give the best to eat and use which should be good for child’s health.Their children should not lose to other people’s children.The consumer psychology makes foreign children’s clothing brand has better prospects in China.
While mentioning Chinese children’s wear market, SMA-STAR brand designer childrens clothes should be the most qualified to speak of.With many years experience engaging in Children’s clothing market ,SMA-STAR encountered the bottlenecks in China Clothing Market.People’s know for brand is limited to those world-renowned brands,the biggest feature of these brand is keeping up with fashion trends.But the price of those brands are often expensive ,it is acceptable by high consumer groups but the low-income families would walk back .To fit more consumer groups,single fight brand is totally inadequate ,price is important,but cheap does mean that people can accept low-quality children’s clothing. Low price and good quality is mostly needed in China market.
According to the changer of SMA-STAR , children’s wear market is highly competitive .The overall domestics children brand is weak which entirely depends on the recognition of foreign high-end brands,and distrust of children’s clothing brand. In fact ,the so-called no-confidence,simply because the domestic children’s clothing brand on brand promotion efforts is not in place,many people do not know what brand it is .You would think that it is an unknown brand,produced things will not have any high-quality .The fact ,this idea is completely wrong.
Investment in brand promotion is too high ,it will lead to increased product costs. And the cost will be added to the product cost in the process.Those unknown brand did not spend much money to do branding,naturally eliminates the finished product publicity.