Summary Of Domestic Apparel Market

Where is the ten former Chinese clothing wholesale market ?
We first look at the 2005/2006 China Ten Top wholesale market : Guangzhou Baima, Humen Fumin, Shishi Clothing Mall, Jimo apparel market, Hangzhou Evergreen, Shenyang Wu Ai, Beijing hundred Rong Shimao, Wuhan Hanzhengjie, Zhuzhou Lu Song, Changshu strokes mall.
There was a saying “Baimai Clothing, Clothing World”. In recent years, the Baima Market has remained true nature of the high-end market, but its market position has been falling down.. With Humen Fumin falling down, the development of Shahe and Shishanghang has increased. Beijing Bairongshimao has almost become a retail market. In addition to the low-end children’s market,Jimo Market has no difference from other secondary market. Fewer and fewer people can think of Shenyang Wu Ai and Zhuzhou Lu Song.
Now ,in addition to more outstanding individual commercial buildings, then it is difficult to tell who is the heroes of the single market.In terms of urban, there is no doubt that Guangzhou, Hangzhou and Beijing is the wholesale gathering. Although Beijing Markets mainly re-sell the goods ,its shipments are still amazing.Wuhan, Changshu, lions, Zhengzhou, should belong to the second tier. The market in Zhengzhou is rising, and its pants have a pivotal position in the country.
How to understand that Southern goods sold to the North and northern goods sold to south ?
In Guangdong ,when saying South, we generally talk about Guangdong ,Guangxi and Hainan provinces and other provinces are north .It is different from the traditional division of south of Yellow River .
Spring and autumn domestic goods are maily in Guangdong .Guangdong still has a great amount of winter bottom clothing. Such as winter jacket , down jacket ,coat and fur belong to northen market. So in summer ,the southern goods sell to north but in winter ,the northern goods sell to south.. However , not all the northern markets don’t produce summer kids clothes wholesale as well not all the southern markets don’t produce winter clothes .Southern market also produces winter clothes,but they mainly sell to north. The summer clothes produced by northern sell to south as well.
Shenzhen is domestic apparel line trend ,because it is close to HongKong and it has rich resources of development and design. And then Guangzhou radiate to all around the country. Guandong has the advantage on the price and style. Many Soutnern companies and factory find version and copy from Nanrou Stall ,because the bosses of Nanrou Stall often look for oversea version.The fur manufacturers in Haining come to HongKong to look for versions several times in a year.
Where is the main women clothing production origin ?
Women clothing origin is mainly in Shenzhen , Humen , Hangzhou. The four origin is the wholesale distribution center ,each with different characteristics. 1.The level of processing and goods of Shenzhen is highest grade. Shenzhen produce most brand in domestic,which is also the said to be the city of brand. 2. Hangzhou clothing is unique , and its location is different from the three women’s production origin which can be regarded as an advantage. The rapid rise of Hangzhou brand is very important which allow the future development more space. 3.Humen is Women clothing brand town and Fumin Market used to lead China’s Women Market .But with the development of Guangzhou Market ,Humen Market going hell. However as a saying thin dead camel is larger than horse ,Hunmen still has its industrial base and market foundation. Hunmen town government focus on and support the development of e-commerce in the apparel.4.There is no exaggeration that Guangzhou is laregest women market in China .Baima Market and Zhanaxi area is the high-end market. The mid-end market mainly gathers in Shishanhang commercial area. Shahe Market is largest low-end market in China. However, the quality of Shahe product has increased. It is incredible that the wholesale price of some of the winter product can be 200 yuan.