That way the most controversial posts

So that you guys could do a memorial thread one afternoon a week, a fashionista thread the following evening a week, a'look what I got' afternoon, and an edited screenshot day. Usually bots/auto-moderators can be installed to do so if a mod doesn't wish to do it themselves. That way the most controversial posts: memorials, generic outfit spam,'check this out villager/item I got', and edited screenshots are all relegated to their own area where people who want to see them can, while the main subreddit focuses on anything else. Maintaining the threads on a bicycle and removing/posting/stickying new ones can ensure they stay fresh and people continue to make use of them. If folks are time-traveling to an event that has not released yet then yes there needs to be spoiler tags. The best instance of this was that the Halloween update when people kept posting screenshots of their carriage that they time traveled to get. Like I am alright with seeing someone post bunny day screenshots right now, because that event already released this past year so we already know what the items are. But should they add, IDK, an arbor day event with new things that people TT to, I'd prefer if they spoiler indicate their articles so I can decide whether I want to see the articles or not. If you want to know more about AC, you can visit