How to Create the Ultimate SEO Report

When you are handling one or more websites for your clients, you need to prove that their investments are well worth it. The SEO report should be easy to understand as some barely have enough time to review the finer detail report. To ensure that you only present trustworthy information without leaving any important detail, below is a guide on what to include in your reports. web-trends

Goal Report

Since each website is different and unique, so are its needs. For each website, a goal report shows your expected Search engine work that ought to be carried out. It acts as a cue of what they paid for or why they wanted their site worked on for clients. This bit of the report acts as the executive summary for your report.

Traffic Metrics and Conversion Report

Your report should also include traffic metrics on each website. This should focus on keywords growth, both organic and specific. It should also include the source of traffic for each site. It should also show visitors and their actions on the site. When you cannot create such a report, consider outsourcing from trusted sites such as and avoid errors. You will meet your clients' needs. This helps guide you and website owners on how content in the website is perceived.

Growth Report

This part of the report should go in-depth about what you've achieved so far. From the time you got your work cut out to now, show what has changed and by what rates. For most clients, Google SERPs are the ultimate growth goals. You should also include high-quality links bagged and pages optimized. Additionally, have a clear overview of overall performance and ranking. This also helps you discover where you actually performed well and use the same tactics to stay at the top.


Reports are presented to clients depending on their needs. Some want them weekly, quarterly, or monthly reports, and it would be great to make quality reports each time. It might sound hard to do all the above, but this is what makes you better than the rest. It also allows you to review and evaluate your work.