As a visionary in the business services sector, Trigrid is proud to provideĀ  valuable, innovative, world-class franchise opportunities for its members. Our goal is to create a strong community of independent businesses. We support the following professional areas of bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, web design, IT and career development.

As a service provider ourselves, we understand the most painful challenges for our consultants. The benefits we offer will help your business to thrive while maximizing the efficiency of operations. By being a Trigrid member, you will be able to increase your revenue per client and lower your acquisition costs per client. Your business will be able to maintain a high value that comes with each service, with the added bonus of shrinking operation costs. This results in an increasing client loyalty, lifetime value and also adds credibility to other opportunities for more versatile services.

Learn more about different areas supported by Trigrid and how it may inspire your practice to a new level.