Privacy Policy


  1. Our Privacy Commitment
  2. What information we collect
  3. How we use collected information
  4. Consent and opt-in process
  5. What information TriGrid collects directly from you
  6. What information TriGrid collects indirectly from you
  7. Does TriGrid share your information
  8. How does TriGrid protect your information
  9. When is your information removed
  10. Unsubscribe process
  11. Contacting TriGrid about Privacy Terms
  12. Legislation compliance


  1. TriGrid understands the high significance individuals place on the importance of privacy issues. Whether you are a member of TriGrid, a franchise owner, or a subscriber to our newsletter, we aim to ensure that every body’s experience is safe and enjoyable. This Privacy Policy was created to explain the process of collection, use, and disclosure of your information.
  2. Personal information is the information that can be directly linked to an individual. During your experience at our website, we may collect information like your contact info – email address, phone number, full name, postal address etc. Non-personal information is the information that cannot be linked directly to you. During your visit, we may collect information like the type of browser you use or the referring URL. We will also track your navigation throughout our website.
  3. The personal information that we collect such as emails and other personal information from all of our services will be used to manage, protect, and improve on these services. They may also be used to better your customer experience. This may include, but is not limited to:
    • customer support
    • commercial and promotional purposes
    • to measure and improve the effectiveness of the Trigrid website and our marketing efforts
    • to conduct surveys to better improve your experience
    • to protect against fraud and error
    • to send you updates and general information about our services.
  1. TriGrid will collect, disclose, and use your information only with your knowledge and consent, apart from those times we are required or permitted to by law.  The opt-in process used by TriGrid consists of a single opt-in process. This may occur in two ways: automatically, and user delegated.
    • The automatic opt-in procedure occurs when users provide TriGrid with their email address, or other contact information, at which point TriGrid may choose to provide them with, but not limiting to, additional information or updates on services.
    • The user-designated opt-in process occurs when the user personally provides TriGrid with consent to contact. This will occur when users choose to sign up for the TriGrid Newsletter.
  2. The information TriGrid collects directly from you may include the information that is directly inputted, and which you provide us with. This may include your name, address, email, credit card information, telephone number, and other contact information. We may use this information to create your account, contact and communicate with you, and monitor your use of our website.
  3. The information TriGrid collects indirectly from you may include, but is not limited to, your browsing history, the Internet Protocol address of your computer and service provider, your operating system, which sections of our website you visited, content downloaded, when our website was accessed, and the Internet address of the site from which you linked to the TriGrid website. We may also employ the use of “cookies,” a function which installs a slight amount of information on the visitor’s computer which enables our website to recognize the user on subsequent visits to the website, and enrich user experience. You may control the use of cookies personally from your browser, but doing so may affect the quality of experience, and usability of the website.
  4. Personal information may be shared with partners and other collaborators with the sole purpose of delivering you the best possible service.
  5. The security of your personal information is of the highest priority for TriGrid. We use reliable and secure servers to store and protect databases. We also use SSL servers to encrypt some of our services. TriGrid places high importance on maintaining the security of our users.
  6. Users’ information is kept for only as long as it is necessary for genuine business purposes, as well as to comply with any legal requirements. Your information is destroyed when it is no longer used or needed, or alternatively it may be partially deleted to render it anonymous.
  7. Should you wish to no longer be contacted regarding promotions, new service updates, information, and how to make the most of our services, you can find an unsubscribe link in your emails.
  8. Should you wish to contact TriGrid about our Privacy Policy, you can contact us at 1.800.969.7119, or by email at
  9. This privacy policy is in full compliance with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation, and with the Personal Information Protection and Electric Documents Act.